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Akber Rashid

My name is Akber Rashid and I started modeling at age of 22. I suffered from low self esteem and low confidence due to being over weight, but as I had passion for modeling and acting I decided to do something about it, so I joined my local gym and lost weight. This help me to gain confidence and raised my self esteem in order for me to fufil my dreams.

Whilst modeling and acting I was studing at a University to become a teacher. I graduated in Business Information Systems honours degree and then did my PGCE.

During this time I've learned to balance my life effectively as now I'm living my dreams and have become successful in the feild where I've had the opportunity to grace covers of many international magazines and walked the runway for many famous designers.

I did face many struggles and obstacles which I had overcome due to being presistent and using failure as a strength instead of weakness.

My advice to aspiring Models and Actors would be to work hard and do your research within the feild you want to get into, stay fit, develop a unique personal style. Take good quaility photos and then register with a reputable agency. Be patient and persistent.

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